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drain cleaning in cambridge

Drain Cleaning & High-Pressure Jetting

If you have something blocking your drains, we’ll be able to unclog the debris with high pressure jetting. Jetting is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to clean drains and will not only unblock your drain, but break up any debris so it can be easily flushed away. We are fully qualified high-pressure jetting experts, so we’ll have your drains clean in no time at all. Please, contact us if you need urgent drain cleaning in Cambridge or Peterborough. 

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blocked toilet in cambridge


A blocked drain is not only annoying but can have a serious effect on your home and health. You could have a blocked drain if you regularly notice sewage and waste water backing up into your property. If this is happening, get in touch with us immediately so we can get to the root of the problem and have your drains flowing like normal.

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cctv drains in peterborough

CCTV Services

If it is unclear why you have a blockage, we’ll be able to quickly find out what it is with a CCTV survey. State of the art equipment will quickly tell us what the problem is with your drains. If you are thinking about purchasing a property, a CCTV survey will identify if there are any structural or drainage issues before you buy. We’ll complete a comprehensive report which will tell you if everything is structurally sound with the property.

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No blockage too big or small. Get in touch today for drain cleaning in Cambridge.


waste disposal and drain cleaning in cambridge

Waste Disposal

We supply a waste removal & disposal service that deals with household septic tank waste and other hazardous materials.

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drain milling in cambridge 

Drain Milling

High volumes of scale can build up in your drainage system over several years and be as solid as concrete. Our drain milling equipment uses precision fittings to completely remove the tough blockage and leave your pipes clean like new.

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blocked drain 

Drain Lining

If your drain has suffered damage, rather than digging through the concrete to complete repair work, we can line your drain with a powerful resin mat. The lining takes on the shape of the pipe to create a new clear channel for your drainage to flow clearly through.

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root cutting drain in Norfolk

Root Cutting

Roots, branches and shrubs can often cause serious problems to the structure of your drains. The roots put pressure on joints and can completely fill the whole diameter of your pipe. Our root cutting heads cut through roots and we are able to remove all types of obstacles.

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